Healthy Eaters Field Trip 2010


We love our parent drivers/chaperones!


We are learning about "all the time" foods and "sometime" foods.


We loved our tour guide, Nikki! 


She was teaching us that the green tags mean it's a healthy food! 

She was also teaching us what different foods do for our bodies!



We learned a cheer that helps us remember to eat 5 servings of fruits and vegetables each day!



Yum!  We are eating freshly baked bread!



The baker showed us how she makes a rose out of icing! 

She was so fast!



We got to make a healthy sandwich wrap! 

They were delicious!




We tasted chocolate soy milk in the dairy department. 



The meat department guy was silly! 

We got to shake hands with a crab!


 They gave us cool bags filled with healthy treats!


Thank you Albertsons, for helping us be healthy eaters!